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Returns & Exchanges


We have the following means of payment:

Once the order is placed, it will give you the option to make the payment at that time. If you want to make the payment later, you can do it from the email you will have received with the order confirmation.

In case you have chosen to pay through PayPal, the payment will be made in the last step of the purchase process.

Some banks may show a pre-authorization and a subsequent actual charge. This amount will be unlocked automatically. If not, we recommend you contact your bank to expedite the unlocking of the pre-authorization.

We use SSL certification so that all processes are secure within the web.

When making a payment, it is the corresponding entity (Redsys, Ceca, Paypal) is the one who offers its security methods so that the purchase is totally secure.


You can check the order status in the order confirmation email and following the indications that there appear.

Purchase in mnccustomprinting

From our online store there are various ways to find the product you are looking for.

You can directly click on the category of that specific product:

In case you see an arrow icon in the category, that means that category has also subcategories.

Another way to find your product is using the web browser.

All those products that have a discount will appear with their price before the offer crossed out.

How do I add products to the shopping cart?

Once add, it will appear in the shopping cart.

Once all the products we want have been added to the cart, we click on it.

Once we clicked, it will take us to a detailed view of the cart.

If everything is correct, we must indicate the postal code to calculate the shipping costs.

Once introduced, we click on the button "Calculate shipping".

With the postal code entered, the shipping methods available for that postal code will appear. We must select the one that best suits our needs.

Once the method has been chosen, we click on "Confirm".

In the next step, we will choose the payment method to make the purchase.

Once selected, it will ask us for the shipping and billing information.

Finally, we must accept the purchase conditions and finalize the order.

At this point, if you have a discount coupon, you must put it in the promotional code section and click the "Apply" button.

Once these steps have been followed, all you have to do is make the payment.

  • In case you chose the payment method through Paypal, the payment process will be completed on the Paypal website.
  • If you have chosen the payment method via credit / debit card, the payment process will be completed at the Virtual POS of our bank.
  • In case of having chosen the payment method through bank transfer, we will indicate our account number in the last step of the purchase.
  • In case you have chosen the payment method through cash on delivery, the payment process will be finalized once the order arrives at your address.